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4th Two Days International Conference
Mevlana Rumi & H̱aḏhrat Sultan Bahoo
Preachers of Human Friendship, Peace, Tolerance and Coexistence in the World
University of the Punjab, Lahore, MUSLIM Institute, and Government College University, Lahore jointly collaborated and organized an International Conference on the 9th and 10th of May, 2022, at University of the Punjab, Lahore. Foreign delegation and people from different walks of life participated in the conference.
Third Academic Session
Sociological Study of Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo's Teachings
Remarks by the Speakers
Breif summary of the remarks shared by the speakers is as follow:
picture Dr. Rozina Anjum
Professor, Department of Persian, Islamia University, Bahawalpur

Remarks by the chair
Sufis do not belong to any particular school of thought, they are not the leaders or representatives of any sect, rather their doors are always open to all, as their role model Exalted Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is the mercy and blessing for entire universe. No matter it be East or West, Muslim or non-Muslim, jinn or humans, he (ﷺ) is the blessing for all the creatures. In the similar way, one may belong to any race; any school of thought and any region, the teachings of the Sufi are for everyone. A Sufi is a great man of his era whose hand is on the pulse of time.
بمصطفیٰؐ برساں خویش را کہ دیں ہمہ اوست
اگر بہ او نرسیدی، تمام بولہبی

Allama Iqbal says, Bring yourself to the door of the exalted Prophet (ﷺ) if you do not reach there, then this is not the love of the Exalted Prophet (ﷺ) rather this is the way of Abu Lahab.
picture Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui
Director Abdul Samad Khan Shaheed Chair, University of Baluchistan, Quetta

Purpose of Life as Described in Teachings of Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and Sult̲ān Al-'Ārifīn H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo, are still conquering hearts and we are able to see many similarities between them. H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo explains that the worship of the God is the cause of salvation of human being and argues for its inevitability in this short life. Selfless and convincing worship and attaining truth and mysticism is a very difficult task in this diverse human life and human existence because the evil forces of worldly passions, envy and greed are constantly working to disperse this existence. In such a situation, H̱aḏrat Sult̲ān Al-'Ārifīn says that with the grace of God, it is possible for a human being to be able to deal with these various emotions and to get along successfully. H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo says,
Your life is just few days; establish worship or you might regret - Hoo,
Be a trader, do the business till the shop is not closed - Hoo,
Killing one’s Nafs is an important stage in Mevlana Rumi's concept of life and only by controlling one's Nafs can one attain the honour of success.
picture Dr. Sohail Shafiq
Chairperson Department of Islamic History, University of Karachi

Spirit of Islamic Society: Passionate Love of exalted Prophet in the Light of Mevlana Rumi & H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo’s Teachings
The love of the Exalted Prophet (ﷺ) is the basis of faith and soul of Islamic society and this love is unique. In the Mathnawī of Rumi, there are various references to the remembrance of the exalted Prophet (ﷺ) in various places, in which the attributes of the exalted Prophet (ﷺ) are mentioned and this is a clear proof of Mevlana’s connection with the Holy Prophet.
سیّد و سرور محمد نورِ جاں
مہتر و بہتر شفیعِ مجرماں
Exalted Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), is the highest of the highest and the intercessor of the sinners.
All the books of Sultan Bahoo are immersed in the love of the Prophet; he had such a spiritual relationship with the Prophet that he wrote all the books with his permission (through spiritual revelation). In all of his books, he wrote about the convention of Prophet Muhammad, introduction of the concept of the name ‘Muhammad’ and discussion of the greatness of exalted Prophet (ﷺ).
He said:
''ہر کہ بروٸی محمد شد فدا
می رسد اٶ او در مراتب اولیا"
“He, who loves even the face of the Prophet, reaches the rank of saints.”
picture Dr. Saeed Ahmad Saeedi
Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Contemporary Philosophical Significance of Mevlana Rumi & H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo's Poetry
Significance of these two sage personalities could be gauged from the fact that during World War II, the situation was very tense, a non-Muslim scholar went to Europe and said that if people want peace in the world, then they have to open the doors of universities for the teachings of Rumi so that there may be peace among them. Mevlana Rumi has discussed a lot about intellect. Rumi says; ‘O young man, you are ready to deny everything on the basis of intellect. Every moment that is coming is proving it wrong, which is the reasoning of the intellect. Come back and hold on to the footsteps of love because the intellect is incomplete and love will take you to the destination’.

H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo has described love and heart as better than intellect as he says that

Heart is deeper than oceans, dive in it like a diver to seek pearls - Hoo,
One who did not drink deep, would remain thirsty - Hoo,
picture Mrs. Rabia Kayani
PHD Scholar

H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo in the light of Shamsul 'Ārifīn
H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo has been the source of blessings for centuries. His book “Shams Al-‘Ārifīn”, is the summary of Kalīd At-Tawẖīd, Majmū‘ah -Al-Fadl, ‘Aql-e Beydār, Jami-ul-Asrār, Nūr Al-Hudá, ‘Ayn Al-Faqr and Fadl-ul-Liqa consists of the selected lessons from these books. The study of this book has an amazing effect on the seeker of Allah Almighty and creates sincerity in his being which progresses day by day till the mystery of God is revealed and he finds what he seeks for.
اسمِ اعظم انتہائے با ھُو بود
وردِ باھُوؒ روز و شب ’’یاھُو‘‘ بود
کور چشم کی به بیند آفتاب
کور را از آفتابش صد حجاب
With the great name 'Ism-e-Allah' opens up the highest rank of the special companionship of Allah Almighty, that's why Bahoo is always immersed in the Zikr (remembrance) of YaHoo."
"How can a blind person see the sun when there are hundreds of veils between the blind and the sun."
picture Mr. Mudassir Ayub
Research Associate MUSLIM Institute

Transnational Sufism and Multiculturalism: Study of the Teachings of Sultan Bahoo
The idea of transnational Sufism is based on the inherent potential of Sufi teachings being practicable, effective, and attractive to the people of all nations living around the globe. Transnational Sufism can deal with islamophobia by spreading the teachings of Sufis using electronic, print, and social media at both national and international forums. H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo stressed upon the complete understanding of human self; body, mind and spirit. Spiritual consciousness gained by spiritual training is the need of Spiritual self of a human. The concept of Wahdat ul Maqsood as presented by Sultan Bahoo is a transnational approach that acts as guiding principle for humanity without the differences of national and geographical boundaries.
Concluding Session
picture Sahibzada Shahzad Sultan
Additional Inspector General of Police, Punjab

Chief Guest
The first verse of the Persian writings of H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo says that one should acknowledge that in this world there is no God but “Hoo”. When we read further, the whole poem reflects the first Kalimah (creed) of Islam. Same is the case for Abyāt Bāhoo, as in the Abyāt the reflection of Kalimah is also present. In one of his verses, he writes that “My Guide has planted a Jasmine plant in my innerself; by watering the plant through negation and acceptance, the plant has nourished to its maximum capacity.” This verse explains that one should negate every other thing and should accept that there is no god but Allah. The teachings of Sufis are international heritage. These teachings are not specific for a single region or society, because these teachings preach the value of humanity. These teachings are as important for Europe as these are important for us. The Sufi tradition in not just linked to subcontinent; however, this tradition is actually mainstream of Islam.
picture H.E. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali
Dewan of Junagadh State & Chairman, MUSLIM Institute

Closing Remarks
Our heritage is the foundation of the cherished attributes of our society. Moreover, our language nourished our heritage. Therefore, the progress of language is necessary for the progress of heritage. It is very easy for our society to access Persian literature. Those who can’t understand Persian language, they can read the translations of the writings of Mevlana Rumi, H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo, Iqbal and of other renowned scholars.

Mevlana Rumi was born in Afghanistan yet he spoke Persian. Moreover, he was buried in Konya that is a city of Turkey. Unconditional love for Rumi connects the people of these three regions. In fact, Mevlana Rumi never visited subcontinent; however, in subcontinent his “Mathnawī” is being taught and read with devotion. This eradicates sectarianism and differences among society. Likewise, the writings of H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo are also available worldwide which promote humanity and love across the borders. In short, this can be said that

Our great heritage revolves around the sufis who guided the society in every aspect and spread the message of love.
picture Mrs. Nasira Javid Iqbal
Former Justice High Court, Social Activist

Guest of Honour
There is very little mention of Sufism and spirituality in the curriculum therefore such conferences are very significant. H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo's mother H̱aḏrat Rasti Bibi herself was a Sufi woman. H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo's face was so bright from his childhood that when he went out of the house, Hindus became Muslims by having a look of his bright sacred face. The teachings of the Sufis are teachings of the Exalted Qur'an. These teachings are not only for Muslims but for all humanity and people of every religion. It teaches us a lesson to respect for humanity. There is patience in the followers of sufis and whatever they do, they do it thoughtfully also they try to keep people in harmony.
picture Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mazhar
Pro-VC, University of the Punjab, Lahore Vice Chancellor, University of Sargodha

Vote of Thanks
No country or society can make technological or economic advancement without social development. First, societies develop their social and spiritual values. If such values prevail in them then the society moves forward. Mevlana Rumi's states that the greatest tragedy of mankind is the communication gap among them. Mevlana Rumi says that a person cannot fully explain his point to another with his five senses. According to all the Sufis, the solution to this communication gap is possible through spirituality and Faizan e Nazr (blessings through spiritual gaze). In the similar manner, Mevlana Rumi did not say a single poem for forty years, after forty years it was Shams Tabrazi – mentor of Mevlana Rumi - who changed the whole situation and thus Mevlana carried forward the teachings. Moreover, Allah sent Prophets and the successors of the prophets are Sufis. Therefore, character is the primary things to spread the message of Almighty.
picture Mr. Nadeem Bhabha
Poet & Writer

Sufi Poetry in the Folk Culture: Study of H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi
Sufi poetic lines and couplets have become proverbs and part of everyday conversation. This can be observed more in the poetry of the Sufis who have been given the status of Sahib-i-Irshad (spiritual-guide) and are on the duty of training individuals’ inner selves.

I will especially talk about Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo, by whose grace a personality like Allama Iqbal established his poetic universe.

In the poetry of Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo, the colour of culture is prominent and even dominant.

جس گت تے سوہناط راضی ہوندا اوہو گت سکھاندا ھُو
This line could be like as under:
جس گل اتے سوہناط را راضی ہوندا اوہو گل سکھاندا ھُو
But especially the 'گت'rhythm of ‘dhool’ (drum) was mentioned in the original line. Unless the culture is observed, this line cannot be understood at all, because ‘dhool’ (drum) is not a part of every culture, it especially belongs to the Sub continent and Punjab.
picture Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamran
Director, institute of Urdu Language and Literature, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Rejection of Materialistic Ideologies in Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo’s Teachings
The essence of love and awareness is present in every human being. Everyone has a light in his innerself which pushes one to help others and to facilitate others. In the poetry of Mevlana Rumi and H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo, the essence of humanity is described as love. Love is a light that brightens the innerself. The path of love leads towards awareness. Love and affections build values. Love guides us towards the right path. Sufis are like magnificent glaciers, from which the pure water is melting. This melting water is nourishing the love in humanity. At the end, the flowing water meets a sea. This sea is the eternal sea. A drop that joins this sea becomes sea itself. But for this, one should first negate oneself, and should come out of personal prejudices. These days, every other person has fallen prey to materialism. Though such people enjoy all the luxuries of life, yet they are unhappy; because, the one who becomes materialistic cannot stay happy.
picture Prof. Dr. Shoaib Ahmad
Chairman, Rumi Chair, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Influence of the Mathnavi and Abyāt Bāhoo on Muslim Thought in South Asia
Influence of the Mathnawī and Abyāt Bāhoo on Muslim thought in South Asia is quite evident. The fertile land of sub-continent is carrying people who are delivering messages of Allah Almighty to His creation. Creation of Pakistan was nothing but the reward from Allah. Through teachings of H̱aḏrat Sultan Bahoo people are taking spiritual benefit. Iqbal says that if you are seeking a true path then he should make Rumi his companion. The message carried forward by Mevlana Rumi, Iqbal, and Sultan Bahoo is a message of pure love that teaches commoners the secrets of Kingship. Attachment with a spiritual guide is necessary because it makes us pure.
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