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A Seminar on
Palestine and Kashmir Crisis:
Call for Justice

Organised by MUSLIM Institute
Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir and MUSLIM Institute organised a seminar titled “Palestine and Kashmir Crisis: Call for Justice” at Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services on 27th May 2021. One minute of silence was observed at the start of the event to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and Kashmir. Sardar Masood Khan (President Azad Jammu and Kashmir) was the Chair of the session. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali (Chairman MUSLIM Institute) delivered the opening remarks. Mr. Shehryar Afridi (Chairman Kashmir Committee) delivered the concluding remarks. Mr. Usama Bin Ashraf (Research Associate MUSLIM Institute) moderated the proceedings of the seminar. Other distinguished guests included Raja Zafar-ul-Haq (Secretary General Mu’tamar al Alam e Islami), H.E Mr. Ahmad Rabaie (Ambassador of Palestine), H.E Mr. Ali Fikrat Oglu Alizada( Ambassador of Azerbaijan), Lord Nazir Ahmed (Member House of Lords Uk), Ms. Andleeb Abbas (Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) H.E Mr. Mthuthuzeli Madikiza (High Commissioner of South Africa), H.E Dr. Mazen Obeid (Ambassador of Syria). Ambassadors, scholars, students, university professors, lawyers, journalists, political leaders, social activists, and people from different walks of life participated in the seminar
Remarks by Speakers
The summary of remarks shared by expert panelists is as follows:
picture Welcoming Remarks

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali
Chairman MUSLIM Institute

We are gathered here today to ‘call for justice,’ as the seminar’s title points out. ‘Justice’ is exactly what has been missing since the inception of both these conflicts many decades ago. The past few weeks, like many times over the years, have been simply unreal to watch and witness when innocent civilians and children were inhumanely attacked, bombed, and killed in Palestine. One of the Muslim holiest sites Al-Quds was being attacked in the holy month of Ramadan. Despite the worst atrocities committed by the Israelis and the BJP in their inhumane siege on Palestinians and Kashmiris, respectively, we could only watch with a heavy heart and teary eyes. They wage war in the name of peace. They bomb in the name of humanity. They practice imperialism and colonialism in the name of democracy. It is just inconceivable to witness such barbarity and injustice despite the international system has evolved to seemingly protect basic human rights while instilling a sense of morality. The answer, for such blatant injustice is simply ‘power asymmetry’. If the last few weeks, and the last 73 years in general, are of any indication, it is that the powerful get away with pretty much anything. Muslim countries have a responsibility to tackle such power dynamics by focusing on unifying their position and diplomatic resources to disband such asymmetry. For Muslims, nationalism is not based on race, culture, or geography, rather it is based on religion and relationship with Exalted Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We need to give preference to the spiritual connection that we all have and share, instead of any idea of nationalism based on geopolitics or geography.
picture Guest Remarks (via video link)

Mr. Sikandar Siddique
Member Parliament of Denmark
I would strongly condemn the Israeli aggression against the innocent people of Palestine. Israel slaughtered the people while the whole world was watching and staying silent. Where are the UN, EU, and all democratic states who talk about human rights? Why they are silent? Palestinian have been on curfew like situation for seven decades. Israel occupied the land of Palestine. Palestinian have lived in an open jail where they cannot take a single step without permission. They cannot get jobs, education, or any other decision of their own. The whole world should boycott Israel economically, politically, and culturally. This is a demand I have put forward to Danish Parliament. We demand a boycott of Israel until Palestinians get their rights. I demand the Danish Prime Minister at least to tell Israel that we as a nation condemn Israeli actions in Palestine.

We have also raised the issue of Kashmir through all parliamentary tools. We cannot accept that our governments can neglect the cause of Kashmir and Palestine because of economic interests and political ties. States should take responsibility and say enough is enough, there is no more business with the states who are violating human rights. We have to raise this issue in our parliaments, media and social media.
picture Guest of Honour

Lord Nazir Ahmad
Member, House of Lords, UK
The tragedy started in 1947 for both Kashmir and Palestine. There are various UN resolutions of General Assembly and Security Council according to which the UN has the obligation to implement. I also consider British responsible for both the Palestine and Kashmir issue and they have a moral responsibility to raise their voice for both. The mass killings in Palestine and in Kashmir as reported by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international agencies prove that there has been a genocide committed in both regions. As genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group, with the aim of destroying that nation, or a group. The Zionist Israeli soldiers are blowing up homes of the Palestinians in West Bank because they want to clear certain areas. It is the same thing that happening in the city of Nagar and Jammu where Indian forces are blowing up homes of Kashmiris. This is a very strong case for the International Criminal Court to investigate. The people who control the media, support the Zionist lobby, but sadly, we Muslims, do not spend on media and such influencial institutions. India does not allow even Amnesty International to operate in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, there is no free media to report the Indian atrocities in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. There are eleven English newspapers in Indian Occupied Kashmir, all are controlled by RSS. Kashmir and Palestine are not Muslim issues, these are the issues of fairness and justice because there are people who want to have control of their own lives which is a basic human right.
picture Guest of Honour

His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Rabaie
Ambassador of Palestine to Pakistan
On behalf of the President and the people of Palestine, please accept our sincere gratitude to the great brotherly people, President, Prime Minister, members of the parliament, and the Army of Pakistan for sincere diplomatic support and solidarity with Palestine. The government and people of Pakistan extended unprecedented support while condemning Israeli atrocities and urging the international community especially by pushing for an emergency session of the UN General Assembly to hold the ceasefire. Another historic move by Pakistan was the commemoration of May 21 as Palestinian solidarity day, to condemn Israeli barbarism, illegal settlements, and forced evictions of innocent Palestinians. Israeli acts are in serious violations of human rights and international law. Pakistan remains strong against international pressure to recognize Israel. From the core of our Palestinian heart, we say thank you.

Eleven days of violence has triggered a humanitarian crisis and has affected every single Palestinian following unprovoked assault by occupying forces on worshippers at Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, and eviction of Palestinians from their homes. The human rights organizations, the UN Security Council, and the international community should take the issue of Palestine seriously and take action immediately. It is the moral responsibility of every Muslim and Muslim countries to take joint and comprehensive action. By working with our Pakistani brethren, we will liberate Palestine and we will pray together in Al-Aqsa Mosque, the capital of Palestine. Millions of refugees all over the world will come back to their homeland. May Allah accept our martyrs’ sacrifices in heaven and grant speedy recovery to the injured. May Allah bless Pakistan.
picture Guest of Honour

Honourable Raja Zafar-ul-Haq
Secretary General Mu’tamar al Alam e Islami
When Muslims of the Subcontinent were struggling for their independence, two resolutions were passed in March 1940. One was for a separate homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent and the second resolution was about Palestine. Palestine is suffering for the last 100 years and it's not a small issue. The events which happened during the last month, are unprecedented. No occupying power is feeling any threat from the Muslims because they are not united. Unless that is achieved, Muslims will be unable to have an impact on the international scene.

Individuals from around the globe, especially people from Europe, Germany, Italy, France, and Britain firmly supported the cause of Palestine. The Palestinian people must go to International Criminal Court for justice and they should be supported by a team of lawyers from Muslim countries. It would be a good chance of expressing own viewpoint before the rest of the world. It will not be decided immediately, therefore, we have to be with courage and determination to expose the Israeli crimes. Israel has brought destruction to Palestine and there should be a panel of people who should organize financial support for the Palestinian reconstruction. There are totally destroyed schools, colleges, hospitals, houses, buildings, and infrastructure. Financial support for rebuilding Ghaza is much more needed. Similarly, we have shown a determination for the people of Kashmir but that case is now in a stalemate situation. We should revive it for just resolution.
picture Chair of the Session

His Excellency Sardar Masood Khan
President Azad Jammu and Kashmir
I should give tribute to the government of Pakistan for taking a courageous stance with regard to the current situation of Palestine. The entire nation of Pakistan stood up for Palestinians. Both Palestine and Kashmir are suffering and both demand the right of self-determination, dignity, and humanity as well as statehood. The UN has been unsuccessful to implement international order. We are knocking at the wrong doors of UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council that only have soft power instead of hard. We have to understand international strategic dynamics. In 2013 Security Council only took diplomatic channel just because of Jewish influence in its internal and political dynamics. I know from direct observation that the permanent representative of the USA in the security council is afraid of the Israeli ambassador because his/her job remains at stake. The tragedy is that the USA is the custodian of human rights all-round the world but it seek exceptionalism for Israel. People of Kashmir and people of Pakistan have always steadfastly stood by their brothers and sisters of Palestine, and we are also grateful to the OIC for giving support to the cause of Kashmir. They adopted strong resolutions in last year November in which they condemned Indian actions unequivocally and Indian attempts to the change the demography and genocide in Kashmir. Arab Muslims especially leadership should speak up for Kashmiris while considering it their own responsibility.
picture Concluding Remarks

Mr. Shehryar Khan Afridi
Chairman Kashmir Committee
We are standing with the Palestinian people. The way the Palestinian people stand against the enemy with patience and courage is appreciable. The issue of Palestine is not just a religious matter it is a humanitarian crisis. If the issue is not addressed timely, it will be a clash between civilizations. International community is silent on the Palestine issue. When the personal interest of states takes over on human rights, then humanity suffers.There is a similarity between Palestine and Kashmir issues. Both have resolutions of freedom passed from the UN. Both are facing the same atrocities from the occupiers. On the other hand, India supported the recent Israeli mass attack on Palestine which is shameful. Indian occupational regime is replicating the Israeli occupational model in Jammu and Kashmir and the world must stand up to prevent another Palestine from being in process of removal from the world map. The disposition of the local population from Jammu and Kashmir is another area where India is learning from the Israeli regime and India is replicating the same in Kashmir. Settler colonial project of Israel is being implemented in blatant violation of UN resolutions. Modi regime is silencing the genuine voices and human rights activists in Kashmir, depriving families of their very basic livelihood opportunities in a fascist manner. The Indian authorities have illegally and illogically terminated the services of many Muslim government officials in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Interactive Session
Brief summary of discussion during interactive session is as follow:
United Nations' resolutions addressing Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are passed under Article 6 of the UN which is mere recommendatory and force cannot be used to enforce these resolutions. However, the deteriorating condition of peace and poor human rights situation in the occupied region often accelerate border tensions and is increasingly becoming a threat to the peace of the whole region. The situation demands that these resolutions should be passed under Article 7 of the UN. Both Kashmiris and Palestinians are waiting for the implementation of these resolutions for decades. But implementation like in the case of East Taimoor is missing here. Muslims should mobilise all possible diplomatic efforts. They have the right to approach the International Criminal Court (ICC) in accordance with the Geneva Convention to file a case against ongoing genocide in front of the world. The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has recently declared that he will investigate Israeli atrocities and human rights violations against innocent Palestinians from 2014 to date. We need practical steps to be taken in the case of Palestine. We need to build a humanitarian corridor for Palestinians sponsored by human rights organizations and some other international organizations. Unity of Ummah is the ultimate solution and we must have to unite the whole Muslim Ummah so that collective effort and force could come into being to solve these core issues of the Muslim world.
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