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A Walk on
Kashmir Solidarity Day
February 05, 2021

Organised by MUSLIM Institute
MUSLIM Institute organized Kashmir Solidarity Walk on Friday, February 5, 2021, from China Chowk, Blue Area to National Press Club, Islamabad. Purpose of the walk was to raise voice against the brutalities and gross human rights violations by Indian occupying forces in Jammu & Kashmir. The Solidarity Walk aimed at condemnation of state terrorism by India in Kashmir, supporting freedom struggle of Kashmiris, expressing solidarity with them, urging the international community to play its due role and fulfil its pledges made with Kashmiri people and especially illegal demographic changes by India in occupied Jammu and Kashmir to suppress the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people. Moreover, placards highlighted the long awaited as well as necessitated role of the United Nations Security Council to stop the violence and brutality in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Banners also highlighted the need of intervention by the international community to resolve Kashmir issue through the practice of the right of self-determination as promised by numerous UNSC resolutions. In addition to Kashmir, the participants were also carrying banners and placards in favour of freedom movement of Junagadh, Khalistan, Manipur and Nagaland. Amongst distinguished speakers were Dewan of Junagadh State and Chairman MUSLIM Institute H E Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Chairman Committee on Defence Production Senate of Pakistan Senator Let Gen Abdul Qayyum (Retd), Defense Analyst Brig Asif Haroon Raja (Retd), Former Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir Ms. Farzana Yaqoob, Former Convenor APHC Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Safi, President Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Director Center for Islam and Decoloniality Dr. Junaid S. Ahmad, Women Rights Activist Ms. Shameem Shaal and Human Rights Activist Mr. Abdul Hamid Lone. Public Relations Officer MUSLIM Institute Mr. Asif Tanveer Awan moderated the session. A large number of people from civil society, social and political personalities, university teachers and students, lawyers, journalists and individuals from different walks of life participated in the walk.
Speakers observed that the whole world has to know that the hearts of Pakistanis beat with Kashmiris. The struggle of Kashmiris for independence will never go in vain and Kashmir will definitely get freedom one day. India is not a country but a region where different nations live with different languages, cultures and lifestyles. Just like in Europe; Germans, Spanish, Polish, British etc. have their own states. Now, the time is ripened to give all the nations living in India the right to self-determination. Just as Europe, India is not a country but a region. Like Europe, every nation living here has the right to a separate homeland. Speakers hoped that Kashmir will be the first occupied state which will get independence from Indian occupation, then Junagadh, Khalistan, Manipur and others will follow. Only a strong Pakistan can effectively raise the voice of Kashmiris. The issue of Kashmir and Palestine has shaped into human rights crisis following sever human rights violations by occupying forces.
Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations and it is one of the oldest outstanding issues on the agenda of the UN. India promised Kashmiris the right of self-determination under the umbrella of the United Nations Security Council. Later on, Indian leadership averted back from its promises and started declaring Kashmir as its integral part. Plebiscite is clearly endorsed by the UN resolutions in the presence of a neutral observer so that Kashmiris will be free in choosing their future. Indian dogmatism has been the sole impediment regarding the failure in implementing UN’s resolutions. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan owing to the cultural and ideological association between Kashmiris and Pakistanis.
Indian government is implementing extremist ideologies of RSS since the RSS backed BJP Government has come into power. Not Only Kashmiris but all the Muslims and other minorities are under threat in India which is quite evident from the revocation of article 370 and 35 A, Citizenship Amendment Act, Babri Mosque Ruling and lynching of minorities in India. Present fascist government of India is threatening openly to attack Pakistan even using nuclear weapons. There is no denying the fact that Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint and peace of South Asia is linked with peace in Kashmir. Therefore, the international community should take this issue seriously.
We should propagate four points of Kashmir issue in front of international community. Firstly, Indian forces are committing severe violations of human rights as well as international humanitarian laws. Secondly, it is also the violation of the Charter of United Nations which provides right to self-determination. Thirdly, it is an acute violation of 4th Geneva convention. Fourthly, India is violating United Nations Security Council Resolutions.
Quaid-e-Azam declared Kashmir as the city of Pakistan. The movement for the completion of Pakistan is also the struggle of Kashmir. In Pakistan, the letter K represents Kashmir. Therefore, without the independence of Kashmir, the name of Pakistan is incomplete. We should unite on the issue of Kashmir and make a unified Kashmir policy. Secondly, we as Muslims are not united over the issue faced by Muslims across the globe especially to the Kashmir and Palestine issue. Unity of Muslim Ummah is the prerequisite to all the issues faced by Muslims across the globe.
It is a moment of sorrow for the international community that the Indian brutalities in Indian held Kashmir are being overlooked. Government of Pakistan should practice active diplomacy and expose the cunning face of India in front of the world. The world must know that with this heinous challenge and the so-called democracy claimant, humanity will not be able to understand the value of man. Pakistani Nation will never comprise on Kashmir cause, it's nuclear capability and CPEC project.
Determination of Kashmiris in keeping their freedom movement alive is really unmatchable. It is quite evident that they will never surrender their struggle for freedom. India has been badly exposed due to its extremist and fascist policies against minorities. Not only Muslims but other minorities are also strongly lodging protests against Indian brutalities. Speakers emphasized that it is high time for the international community to play its role to stop India from committing large scale genocide as hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris already have sacrificed their lives. International media should highlight the lockdown of Kashmir and the human rights violations by India.
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