Undertake multiple initiatives to highlight the dynamics of contemporary & emerging challenges faced by Pakistan, the region, the Muslim world and the world at large.

  • Explore causes and implications of such challenges, recommend workable solutions to the same and equip decision-makers with options to overcome these challenges.
  • Promote understanding among masses about such challenges and educate them about constructive role they can play in overcoming the same. 

Identify areas with prospects of cooperation within Muslim world to promote unity, stability and prosperity.

  • Promote the Muslim identity and great traditions of Muslim history and culture to instill and strengthen the shared bond and joint cause feelings.
  • Inculcate sense of pride among Muslims regarding their history, culture, tradition and values.
  • Research opportunities for mutual trade among Muslim countries and also facilitate the same by providing input to relevant authorities.

Inculcate leadership traits among Muslim youth to enable them to collectively take on the challenges.

  • Inspire Muslims for acquisition of modern scientific and creative knowledge.
  • Broaden vision of the Muslim youth to make them grasp future challenges and be prepared to brave the same.

Promote awareness regarding need of tolerance, inter-faith harmony, respect for humanity and peace through research, analysis and dialogue.

  • Encourage inter-sect and inter-faith dialogue & exchanges for dispelling misconceptions, allaying apprehensions and promoting respect.

Promote cause of human well being and recommend measures for the same.