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MUSLIM Institute has organized a 'Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference' on 6 - 8 November, 2017 at Islamabad Club, Islamabad. Scholars and delegates from different countries participated in the conference. A large number of people from different walks of life participated in conference. Mr. Basit Zia (Research Associate MUSLIM Institute) moderated the proceedings of the conference. Speakers in nine sessions of the Conference includes; in Inaugural session Hadhrat Sultan Muhammad Ali (Pakistan), Raja Zafar ul Haq (Pakistan), Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali (Pakistan), H.E. Mr. Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi (Sudan), Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez (Turkey) and Mr. Waleed Iqbal (Grand Son of Allama Muhammad Iqbal). In Second session (Iqbal and the World of the Spirit) Prof. Ehsan Akbar (Pakistan), Prof. Dr. Hug Van Skyhawk (Germany), Dr. Alan Godlas (USA), Dr. Suheyl Umar (Pakistan) and Dr. Halim Tanwir (Afghanistan). In third session (Iqbal’s Social and Political Thoughts) Dr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar (Pakistan), Dr. Mahmad Kodabaccus (Mauritius), Mr. Waleed Iqbal, Prof. Dr. Ejaz Akram (Pakistan), Dr. Muhammad Maroof Shah (Indian Held Kashmir) and Dr. Talib Hussain Sial (Pakistan). In fourth session (Iqbal - Art and Thought) Prof. Dr. Hug Van Skyhawk, Dr. Geldimyrat Muhammedov (Turkmenistan), Dr. Saleem Mazhar (Pakistan) and Mr. Idrees Azad (Pakistan). In fifth session (Comparative Study of Iqbal with other Thinkers/ Philosophers) Dr. Suheyl Umar, Dr. Mohammad Baghai Makan (Iran), Mr. Yevhen Reutov (Ukraine) and Dr. Nurali Nurzad (Tajikistan). In sixth session (Payam-e-Iqbal - A Musical Evening) renowned classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan presented the Kalam-e-Iqbal. Dr. Mohammad Baghai Makan (Former Professor, Iran Cultural Heritage, Iran) and Dr. Irina N. Serenko (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) shared their views. In seventh session (Iqbal and Present Era) Dr. Mohammad Baghai Makan, Prof. Muhammad Ayub Sabir (Pakistan), Dr. Karim Ahmed Ifrak (France), Dr. Abdushukur Abdusattorov (Tajikistan) and Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui (Pakistan). In eighth session (Iqbal in Global Perspective) Dr. Alan Godlas, Ahmad Mohammad Al Shafi (Sudan), Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski (Poland), Dr. Irina N. Serenko (Russia), Dr. Zhou Chuanbin (China) and Dr. Basira Azizaliyeva (Azerbaijan). In the ninth (Concluding Session) H.E. Mr. Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, H.E. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez, H.E. Mr. Abdirahmaan Dahir Osman (Somalia), Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi (Pakistan) and Dr. Mahmad Kodabaccus, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali. MUSLIM Institute also organized a Musical Evening Pyam-e-Iqbal which was a side event of the Conference. Classical Singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan presented the Kalam-e-Iqbal. Detailed newsletters of each session are coming soon.

Speakers from around the World:

Speakers from 18 countries from different parts of the world addressed the Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference.

H.E Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi
Former Prime Minister, Sudan

Dr. Mehmet Gormez
Former President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Turkey

Dr. Alan Godlas
University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Mohammad Baghai Makan
Iran Cultural Heritage, Iran

Dr. Mahmad Kodabaccus
Secretary General, Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate, Mauritius

Dr. Halim Tanwir
Former-Senior advisor to Minister of Info & Culture, Afghanistan

Prof. Dr. Hug Van Skyhawk
Basel University, Switzerland

Amb. Ahmad Mohammad Al Shafi
Former Member of Parliament, Sudan

Dr. Irina N. Serenko
Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski
Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Dr. Zhou Chuanbin
Lanzhou University, China

Dr. Karim Ahmed Ifrak
National Center for Scientific Research, France

Mr. Abdirahmaan Dahir Osman
Minister of Education, Somalia

Dr. Abdushukur Abdusattorov
Tajik National University, Tajikistan

Dr. Basira Azizaliyeva
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan

Mr. Yevhen Reutov
Kiev National Linguistic University, Ukraine

Dr. Nurali Nurzad
Khujand State University, Tajikistan

Dr. Geldimyrat Muhammedov
Academy of Sciences, Turkmenistan

Dr. Muhammad Maroof Shah
Author and Columnist, Srinagar, Indian Held Kashmir

Participants of conference.

Stage view in 2nd session.

Dr. Alan Godlas (University of Georgia, USA) giving speech.

Participants of conference.

Speakers from Pakistan:

Intellectuals, researchers and keynote personalities from Pakistan addressed the Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference.

Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Ali
Founding Father, MUSLIM Institute

Raja Zafar ul Haq
Leader of House, Senate of Pakistan, Secretary General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami

Dr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar
Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Dr. Suheyl Umar
Former Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan

Prof. Muhammad Ayub Sabir
Writer & Expert on Iqbal

Prof. Ehsan Akbar
Writer & Poet, Islamabad

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali
Chairman, MUSLIM Institute

Dr. Saleem Mazhar
Punjab University, Lahore

Mr. Waleed Iqbal
Grand Son of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Prof. Dr. Ejaz Akram
National Defence University, Islamabad

Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi
Former Deputy Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan

Dr. Talib Hussain Sial
Former Director, IRD, International Islamic University, Islamabad

Mr. Idrees Azad
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui
University of Balochistan, Quetta

Stage view in inaugural session.

Presentation of Flags of countries participated in conference.

Stage view of Payam-e-Iqbal (A Musical Evening).

Ustad Hamid Ali Khan presenting the Kalam-e-Iqbal.

Group photo of all the speakers participated in Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference.

Lunch on 1st day of Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference hosted by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dinner on 1st day of Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference hosted by Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Ali (Founding Father, MUSLIM Institute).

Dinner in the honor of Guest speakers and delegates hosted by Kingston Resource Group Pakistan.

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