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Round Table Discussion on
Pak-Kazakhstan Relations:
Prospects for Regional Peace & Stability

Organized by
MUSLIM Institute

With reference to the Independence Day of Republic of Kazakhstan, the research think tank MUSLIM Institute organized a Round Table Discussion on "Pak-Kazakhstan Relations: Prospects for Regional Peace & Stability" which was attended by researchers, representatives of different think tanks and diplomats.


Ahmad Al-Qadri
Research Associate, MUSLIM Institute

Research associate of MUSLIM Institute Ahmad Al-Qadri, while giving presentation on profile of Kazakhstan and overview of Pak-Kazakh relations, highlighted Kazakhstan's history, economy, natural resources, political strength, geographical importance and relations with Pakistan. He informed that Kazakhstan is largest landlocked country in world with rich natural resources like oil, gas, uranium, coal, gold & lead etc. Besides, as active member of numerous organizations like OSCE, OIC, ECO, SCO, CSTO, EBRD etc., Kazakhstan enjoys special importance. He added that foundations of Pakistan’s relationship with the Central Asian Republics were laid from the time when Allama Muhammad Iqbal foresaw the significance of this region and suggested to lay a railway track from Kabul to Constantinople (Istanbul) through the Central Asian region to promote trade and communication amongst the Muslim world. Pakistan has great importance for the regional trade particularly for landlocked Kazakhstan due to Gawadar Port, while Kazakhstan too has great importance in the region due to its abundant natural resources.


Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Qureshi
Head of International Relations department of National University of Modern Languages & Sciences, Islamabad

Head of International Relations department of National University of Modern Languages & Sciences, Islamabad Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Qureshi, expressing his views, said that TAPI agreement was signed between Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India and the project was inaugurated in 1995 in which international oil companies in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan were involved however due to Afghanistan situation this agreement could not be implemented. He said that that though over forty bilateral agreements between Pakistan and Kazakhstan have been signed but implementation on these is quite slow. There should be proper mechanism for implementing these agreements and completion of envisaged projects as these will form base of bright future of not only the two countries but also the entire region. Kazakhstan can also get approach to Indian Ocean which would help it to increase its exports throughout the whole world.


Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Tufail
Former Ambassador to Kazakhstan

Former Chairman Council of Islamic Former Ambassador to Kazakhstan Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Tufail said that there are so many opportunities of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan through Afghanistan. Kazakhstan is ready to start trade but unstable situation of Afghanistan is main reason for non-implementation of such plans. The Afghan situation has great influence on the situation of Pakistan as well as of whole region. He added that we must lessen our reliance on the western countries and start trade with Central Asian countries which is time and cost effective as well as in the interest of all stakeholders. There have been many discussions and meetings between both countries regarding finalization of land and air routes however these have not been materialized yet.


Based on views of honorable speakers and subsequent discussions, following recommendations were put forth:-


  • The already signed agreements between Pakistan and Kazakhstan should be followed up for immediate implementation.

  • Instead of only looking towards Western Countries, Pakistan should focus towards the Central Asian states including Kazakhstan, which are blessed with abundant natural resources.

  • For improving trade between Pakistan and Central Asian states, security situation of region especially of Afghanistan is important, so special efforts should be made for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

  • Pakistan should establish air routes with Kazakhstan which would not only increase trade between two countries but also improve people to people contact.


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