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Seminar on
Genocide and Ethnic cleansing:
A Crime against Humanity
Thursday, 24th February 2022
Organised By MUSLIM Institute
MUSLIM Institute and Embassy of Azerbaijan Islamabad organised a seminar titled "Genocide and Ethnic cleansing: A Crime against Humanity" on Thursday, 24th February 2022 at Islamabad. Mr. Syed Fakhar Imam (Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research) was the chair of the session and Mr. Omer Ayub Khan (Federal Minister for Economic Affairs) was the chief guest on the occasion. Welcoming remarks were delivered by H.E. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali (Dewan of Junagadh State & Chairman MUSLIM Institute). H.E. Khazar Farhadov (Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan) was the keynote speaker of the seminar. M. Hamza Iftikhar (Research Associate MUSLIM Institute) moderated the proceeding of the session. Researchers, students, academicians, representatives of think tanks, journalists, political leaders, and people from different walks of life participated in the seminar.
Remarks by the Speakers
Brief summary of remarks shared by speakers is as following:
picture Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali
Dewan of Junagadh State & Chairman MUSLIM Institute

Opening Remarks
The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh was one of the most contentious issues of the twentieth century. Although the Versailles Peace Conference recognized Nagorno-Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 1918-1920, Armenia did not abandon its demand on the territory. Armenian nationalist-chauvinists have been following a policy of ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani people for last 200 years. In February 1992, Armenian forces seized the Azeri-populated town of Khojaly and following the occupation, 613 innocent Azerbaijanis, including 106 women and 83 children, were massacred. The Khojaly genocide - the unforgettable tragedy of the 20th century - was a result of aggressive and criminal policy of Armenia. Undoubtedly, this genocide was a ignominious crime against humanity. Armenian governments are falsifying their brutalities and criminal acts by misrepresenting the truths and propaganda warfare. In such a scenario, it is our responsibility to bring truth to the masses and counter the evil forces in the same manner. Undoubtedly, massacres such as happened after Khojaly were probably emboldened by the “lack of punishment” to the perpetrators of the tragedy against Azerbaijani people. The Khojaly Massacre has been recognized as Genocide by 18 countries including Pakistan, 26 states of the USA and by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well as the Turkic Council. Pakistan has not recognized Armenia till day due to its human rights violations primarily in Nagorno-Karabakh region. We will continue supporting our Azeri brothers for their just and legal right.
picture H.E. Khazar Farhadove
Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan

Keynote Speech
Khojaly genocide was not only against Azerbaijan but it was committed against the humanity and it is a war crime in which civilians were massacred. In order to bring perpetrators to the justice in 1994, Parliament of Azerbaijan under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev (late), gave a Political and Legal assessment of this crime and issued a Resolution. Turkey and Pakistan have always supported Azerbaijan for its just cause. It was always by Armenian side to choate aggression against the Azerbaijan civilians. In the counter offence attack of Azerbaijan against Armenia to liberate in September 27, 2020; Armenian forces deliberately targeted the civilians and civilian infrastructures. Despite such brutalities, we never attacked any of the civilian and civilian infrastructures of Armenia. Armenia is a mono ethnic state and in the wake of ethnic cleansing policy, Armenian population decreased to almost one million out of three million population. Today, face of the region has been changed and after the liberation of these areas with the help of our brothers, strategic partners, ally’s such as Turkey, Pakistan and neighbour countries, we will bring prosperity in the region. Azerbaijan believes in rule of law and to comply by the international law and international norms. Azerbaijani people wave flags of Turkey and Pakistan without any instructions and order from the administrative side. We stand with both states in each and every issue. We also support Pakistan's stance on Kashmir issue at every forum.
picture H.E. Syed Fakhar Imam
Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research

Chair of Session
Today, we are here to commemorate the martyrdom, what we term a massacre. I was looking at the massacres of the recorded history of the last 2000 years and there have been some very big massacres. In the modern times the Israelis and the Indians are exercising mass killing as an arm of state so that they can induce fear against innocent citizens of those areas of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and of the territories that Israel has occupied.

Kashmir is the place where 900,000 Indian troops are terrorizing 8 million Kashmiris. It is the biggest open jail in the World, where tyranny, torture and rape are used a weapon of state. What is the world thinking? All countries have their interests, their own national interests, the state interests and they are silent. I bow my head to those who died in such terrorist ways.

The most knowledgeable people of the world are dominating the world, whether it's through business, technology, warfare, cyber warfare and all that digitalization, through which the economies grow second to second moment to moment. We need to focus on this area. We hope that the future for the people of Pakistan is bright.
picture Mr. Omar Ayub Khan
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs

Chief Guest
Today, we are remembering the crimes against humanity committed in Khojaly Azerbaijan, committed against innocent people. There is a similarity between the incident of Khojaly and the multiple incidents happening in the valley of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. What was different on the 26th February 1992 and the recent conflict that Armenia imposed on Azerbaijan on 2020? What has changed in Azerbaijan at this time is the military power and Azerbaijan has force multiplier. Times have changed a lot; Azerbaijan now has a strong defence system and weapons system for its defence. Azerbaijan was able to defend itself with drone technology and powerful weapons systems. The territorial integrity of any country is based on strong national cohesion, strong economy and credible defence system. If knockout each one of these variables, then territorial integrity of the country is at risk. Pakistan has strong credible defence system, conventional and non-conventional nuclear defence system that is holding the defence and territorial integrity of the country. We have to invest in people, technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. We have to invest in food technologies. In this way we will be able to avoid the genocides like Khojaly and the one taking place every day in occupied Kashmir.
picture H.E. Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul
Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan

Guest of Honour
Pakistan and Turkey condemn the massacre of Khojaly from the day first. However, proponent of democracy and human rights remained silent on the issue. They remained silent for thirty years and called it a frozen conflict. But the tears and blood of millions of Muslims was not frozen around the world. There were meetings of international organizations and other groups regarding Khojaly conflict but they produced nothing and the parties present in this were not interested in solving the issue. Meanwhile, the issue did not remain frozen anymore. What is happening in the territories is fine and Azerbaijan has taken back the occupied territories which were under occupation as per international law from last 30 years. Azerbaijan did a commendable job. Now, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the territories is going on that faced a lot of atrocities in past thirty years. Our efforts will continue to establish peace in the region. It is peace, security and lasting development when it will happen, all the stake holders will grasp the fruit. I once again restate solidarity with Azerbaijan and its people. I would also like to thank Pakistan, it's people and its governments for being very strong friend for Azerbaijan and Turkey and also for mobilizing every possible support for us.
picture Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah
Vice Chancellor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

Guest of Honour
We condemn all crimes against humanity. We must all remember what happened in history and its dark side. We all express the concern that whoever is involved in this crime should be punished. Currently, what is happening in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir is its example. We are also witnessing what is happening in many other parts of India. The Government of Pakistan always condemns the crimes being committed anywhere in the world because we are promoters of peace.

Sufi education is a source of our strength. An example of this is the poetry of Hardat Sultan Bahoo. Thousands of PhD thesis from his poetry can be produced. This is scientific or cognitive knowledge of Sufi preaching. Sufis always preach love and respect for humanity and spread message of peace. If we want to prevent any kind of genocide or crime against humanity, we need to promote Sufi preaching in our region. Spread the message of peace that Sufis gave to the whole world. We are all with the people of Azerbaijan and condemn Armenian brutality against it. Our principled position of the state is peace, that is why we will never accept Armenia until justice is provided to the victims and their families.
Following recommendations extracted from the discussions in the Seminar:
  1. Call upon all the international institutions and states to recognize Khojaly massacre as genocide as the incident fulfils the condition of genocide from all canons of law;
  2. Suggest to remember the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated in Khojaly, as it is essential to send a message to the perpetrators that in no way can a culture of impunity prevail and sooner rather than later justice will triumph;
  3. Suggest UNO to take notice to assure the complete investigation of Khojaly Genocide;
  4. Draw the attention of the United Nations and its office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect to play its role to make Armenia compensate the victims of Khojaly Genocide;
  5. Call upon the Armenian authorities to honour its obligations under International Law and Human Rights Conventions, and facilitate the investigation and trial of these crimes;
  6. Demand that Human Right Commission of Organization of Islamic Cooperation should investigate the issue;
  7. Call upon the Muslim world that it should exert diplomatic pressure on Armenia to pay compensations for Khojaly Genocide;
  8. Call upon the Muslim world to play due role to stop ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine, Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Rakhine State of Myanmar;
  9. Call the human rights organizations to play their active role to bring the perpetrators to justice especially those of Khojaly genocide, Indian Gujarat massacre, genocide in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir, Rakhine state of Myanmar;
  10. Reaffirm the responsibility of each individual state that it should invest in building a strong relationship with civil societies of the country in order to involve local community people particularly youth and religious groups among others to ensure a more coordinated and holistic approach to prevent crimes against humanity and genocide;
  11. Express that atrocity crimes can be stopped through timely working directly with communities that can be affected by conflict;
  12. Urge international media to highlight the Khojaly Genocide and also commemorate this day annually on 26th day of February;
  13. Reiterate the importance of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and suggest the implementation of the aforesaid convention in letter and spirit by the member parties.
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